Watch Sandstorm on event big screen


This was going to be my thought. Though it would vary from event to event, I feel like it´s of pretty limited usefulness…


At events where the camera cut to close-in action, the big screens wouldn’t be terribly useful anyways.


Well what about something simple about a parascope thats just mirrors?


H10 says nope.


Not really a whole lot of use with this game. Your entire drive team is behind the same alliance wall, between the 2 starting lines. You can’t communicate directly with anyone that isn’t on your drive team (Technician included) that would have any direct view of the field.

I wonder how many school basketball/volleyball team members are going to suddenly be interested in robots this year… I remember some noodle & Frisbee throwers that I talked to in those games that hadn’t heard of FIRST before the competition season had started, and to a person were amazed at the energy in the arenas. It must have been a good recruiting tactic as well since several were back the next years as well.


In the fall of 2013 (after the Rebound Rumble game), my team arranged to have a free-throw challenge match between the robot and one of the school’s top basketball players during an assembly. The robot won. That year (Ultimate Ascent) we won our regional and went to Worlds for the first time. Can’t say the two are connected, but it sure didn’t hurt!


I would say that it is an interesting concept and will probably change based on the event and the refs. I have worked in AV and it would be possible for us to just put up either a black screen or bars but still have the game animation/score bar up. Although the only thing with that is that that is not with an FRC video kit that they send to all the competitions. if you want to see something that we can do look at a match from the midland district (I can only post 2 links so click the channel part below the video #newpeopleproblems) if you want a video example. (side note I helped make that video specifically the PTZ cams and also go 2619 on the top of blue alliance)
so It would be possible to do something in total.
that is an example of what we can do with overlays.
so there are possibilities


Really? I’ve never seen an audience display be more than a quarter second ish off.


the GDC has allowed it.


This really throws a variable into matches. What if the camera is on your opponents side of the field the entire sandstorm period?


Sure, at some events, someone in the Alliance Station will be able to see the big screen, but good luck conveying that info to your drivers in a timescale that’s useful enough to operate on.


Teams should bring big arrows to the viewing stands and generally point towards to the middle of the field. In case drivers don’t know which way to go.:grinning:


That could get rather… interesting… rules-wise. H1-iv and -vii could apply, but how are you going to enforce it on somebody’s eyes? H13 is also an option–but the stands aren’t “privileged” areas in general.

Let’s put it this way: I can’t see that being legal, but I can’t see how to call it illegal. Time for a Q&A…


Ideally the event would be running a good livestream and they would be using full field view :upside_down_face:

But seriously, the “input lag” is going to be awful if you’re relying on the big screen. The feed has to go through so many processing steps that it would be a second or two off by the time it gets there, making it difficult and likely unsafe to operate the robot that way.


Well the thing is it wouldn’t be useful the driver all know to leave the HAB ( why? it the middle of a sandstorm ) and it would be funny if vast amounts of the audience did it.

Mostly funny


People in this thread are way overestimating the value of what we have to say in the first 15 seconds of a match. My formula for auton announcing is:
1st - Energy opening/comment on the matchup
2nd - Vague comment about what the alliance that’s doing the most has already accomplished
3rd - Vague comment about what the alliance that’s doing the least has already accomplished
4th - Read the score and verbally signal the start of teleop

None of that should factor into your strategy, or your focus, during a sandstorm. You have way more important things to pay attention to.