Watchdog Errors In Autonomous

Recently our code developed an issue with our autonomous code. Whenever it runs we get watchdog errors, which we think are due to drive waits in sequences. The code will run occassionally, but most of the time the robot just sits there and spouts out errors. Anyone know how we can fix this?

Could you post your code so we can try to help?

try tethering the robot. At our shop, there is too much wifi and it comes up with the errors at the same time the communicatin keep coming and going.

If you have code that sets the motor speed, then wait more than 100ms, then change the motor speed, you will trigger the Safety Config since your code is not updating the motor very often.

Your choices are to disable the Safety Config at the beginning of the auto period, or to change the waits to be wait and set to same value. Either should get rid of the Safety override.

Greg McKaskle