Watchdog Lag


We have been having issues with the watchdog and our wireless connection since day 1. The watchdog keeps disrupting the wireless connection, saying “Watchdog not fed,” and that makes the robot very delayed and quite dangerous to test on the ground. We’re wondering if we’re doing something wrong with the wireless router, and we also want to disable the UserWatchdog. Wired works fine, so we’re stumped. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have any way of sniffing for wireless networks in the area? Your DAP might be on a WiFi channel that’s already in use nearby. If you can determine an open channel, or at least one that doesn’t have a strong signal from some other access point, you can configure the DAP to use that channel.

To check for other networks, you can use InSSIDer. Its a great free tool from metageek that will show you the strength and channel of nearby networks.