Watchdog Not Fed but, All Systems Are Go.

Even though the driver dashboard on the FRC Drivers Station reports that all of the basic functions are operational, we still get a “Watchdog Not Fed” error.

We would enjoy some help and input on this situation.

Try debugging. Make sure if the command to feed the watchdog is in a loop that something isn’t ending the loop prematurely.

Try this:

Our network is tethered, we have a direct connection to the Crio. The watchdog isnt not being fed at all.

Try extending the Watchdog starvation period. After you enable the Watchdog, set the starvation period to a few hundred milliseconds. The period used to be measured in seconds, now it’s measured in milliseconds. You have to make sure to feed the Watchdog before it times out. I think the default time out period is 100 milliseconds, but don’t quote me on that. So, if the code between getWatchdog().setEnable(); and getWatchdog().Feed(); takes longer than 100 ms to execute, it will time out, so you’ll need to give it a longer period.