Watchdog Not Fed

This is my code and driver station says Wathdog Not Fed when I run this code.

Here is my code if someone can tell me what to do I would be pleased.

Thanks in advance!!!](

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There’s something very strange about that code. You’re apparently trying to read photosensor outputs using Solenoid Get? That won’t work. The photosensor signals should go to Digital I/O pins on the Digital Sidecar, and you should read them using a DIO Get.

I have changed Digital Input to Solenoid because we wired our photosensor to Solenoid Breakout! But Is that for sure that our Watchdog will work. I think I have made some mistakes about Watchdog in Autonomous

Also I have added watchdog get reference and wired it to Watchdod Feed in Autonomous

Here it says we can wire photosensor to Solenoid Breakout!

You can wire the photosensor power wires (brown to plus, blue to common) to the output of a Solenoid Breakout connected to the 24 volt cRIO supply. If you do that, you will have to turn the solenoid output on in order to power the sensor.

The photosensor signal wires (black or white) still need to be read using a Digital Input.

I was wondering will my watchdog code work?