Watchdog Not Fed!!!

Now that it is the off season our team is testing out our robot. When we run our robot the driver station keeps giving us the Watchdog Not Fed error and when we give a command the output is delayed. I have tried to reconfigured the cRIO but I keep getting errors and now I can’t get the cRIO formatted or even get recognized by the laptop. Please help me solve this problem.Thanks in advance.

When you say you cannot get your laptop to recognize your cRIO, how are you connecting to it? Directly or via a router?

If you connect to the cRIO directly via Ethernet and set your computer’s IP to and subnet to, the FRC 2012 Imaging Tool should scan and detect your cRIO.

It turns out that I had to reconfigure the chassis of the crio and now we are able to communicate with the crio and format it.