Watchdog or MotorSafety?

I am just wondering are we using watchdog still this year, or are we using Motor Safety this year. Sorry if this is a silly question.


Thank you Ether. I have another question then, we have motors other than drive (like shooting and picking stuff up) would those motors need the MotorSafety method and watchdog. Thanks in advance.

The User Watchdog is available but disabled by default. The Motor Safety is Enabled by default for RobotDrive objects but disabled by default for Jaguar or Victor objects.

I encourage the teams I work with to enable Motor Safety on all objects for two reasons, the first is safety and the second is it is a useful indicator that the code is not running as fast as it should be if these start tripping.

Remember both systems still do not account for careless mistakes such as running motors against each other or threaded while loops that update. Motorsafety/watchdog should be a backup to common sense and not the primary failsafe to errors.

Last year we lost three FP motors to our autonomous due to some very stupid* mistakes.

*A mistake becomes stupid when repeated after one has already learned from it. I forgot to document, double check and test before running in the field. The heat of competition can cause heat stress :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, thank you guys so much this was really helpful. :smiley:

How would one go about enabling either of these for jaguars?

Is either of these required, or just one, both. Sorry if this is a silly question, thanks in advance.

Neither is required. The MotorSafety is enabled by default for RobotDrive objects but not for Victor, Jaguar or Relay objects.

To be honest, i would just use motor safety. if you can get both working though more power to you. my first year programing i had some bad experience with watchdog… it blew up our code cause it was running a little slow because there was a lot of it. be very careful when using it in competition, make sure the kill time limit is large enough for a little error. (also accommodate for field lagg.