Watchdog Problem

We are hyaving a problem with our watchdog. It times out every .5 - 2 seconds. The longer we run the robot the more time outs we have. We have tried disabling the watchdog and it still times out. Me and my dad believe that it is the System Watchdog. We have disabled the camera image on the dashboard and still no luck. Any one know how to fix this?

Also every once in a while our code will just get stuck, like it’s in a loop. But we only have one loop in our main.

Also having issues with Watchdog time out errors. It does it in short spurts but turns our compressor off every time. :confused:

Did you install the Driver Station update 1.1?

280 did. It only started doing this 5 minutes ago or so (probably longer but yeah) and was working just fine before.

I am pretty sure we installed the Driverstation update. under DS version in the diagnostics it says 2010.01.06.00 Is this correct?

That’s the first update (1.0). You need to install version 1.1, which was released about a week ago and fixed several system watchdog issues.

I checked my DS for a third time and its updated to 1.1
Were getting
Watchdog Experation: System 2, User 7
Watchdog Experation: System 2, User 8
Watchdog Experation: System 2, User 9
Watchdog Experation: System 3, User 9
Watchdog Experation: System 3, User 10
Watchdog Experation: System 4, User 10
Watchdog Experation: System 4, User 11

Everytime we get one of those errors our system shuts down for a spit second or so.

The current printout in the Diagnostics doesn’t identify the reason, so legitimate disabling of the robot shows up as a watchdog.

The user watchdogs are due to code not feeding the watchdog. System watchdogs are either due to a disable or due to a timing glitch caused by the DS. The second ones should be pretty rare, but we are still tracking down some reasons they can occur.

Anyway, look for the reasons that your code is getting hung up. Put timing code in each and every loop and in the teleop subVI. Watch those either on your panels or on your dashboard to determine which loop is late.

Greg McKaskle

we are still getting Watchdog Timeouts even when we disable the watchdog. There aren’t as many but we still get them. :confused:

We’re having the same issue as well.