is watchdog completely necessary in this years code??
i ask because it seems to cause a fair amount of lag when when we add it in and it seems to be absent in the default code.


-Wyatt C FIRST Team 1307

whether or not it is required, it is a very good thing to have active in your code. without a watchdog, if your robot looses coms for even a second, it can really, really hurt itself. or get you a red card. however, though a very bad idea, i do believe that the watchdog is not required.

We were just talking about this as well… We were getting a “watchdog not fed” error in auton testing, but couldn’t find the thing ANYWHERE in the default code that we modified.

Where should it go? In which loop/VI?

Watchdog isn’t required but is highly recomended. The last thing you need is for your robot that your spent 6 weeks building to go haywire and get you a red card.

ok. so if i add it where is it required???
which VI’s??

thanks so much so far

-Wyatt C FIRST Team 1307

i don’t have LabVIEW on this computer, but you should open the watchdog in begin and set its refnum. Then, it the autonomous and teleop while loops, make sure you include the Watchdog Feed VI (I don’t remember which palate it’s in off the top of my head)

Watchdog is automatically implemented in the drive motors, and I’m pretty sure it’s in the normal motors also. There’s no reason to have another watchdog.

If you want to enable/disable it (it comes enabled) or change the timeout (it starts at .1 seconds), open up the drive motor open vi (in begin) and change the enum from enable to disable, or .1 to .2 or something.

If you want to make sure the watchdog is watching, get a freespinning motor or put the robot up on blocks, run it full power, and pull out the Ethernet cord. It should stop nearly immediately.