Watching a delayed Kickoff

My team is in the west so kickoff is quite early for us. Our team has decided not to start our meeting until two hours into the proceedings (10:00 our time). Would it be possible to watch the webcast from the start at that time?

  • Alex

What about getting someone to set up a dvr?

Well, the game is usually announced at around 9 AM PST. I usually just do other stuff until around that time.

I live on the East Coast and the program starts at 10 AM. So either they won’t be announcing the game for long time, or you’ll have to get up real early :o

They don’t announce the game until 11-11:30 usually.

Well, let’s hope it’s before 12, because that’s when NASA’s video stream of the Kickoff ends :wink:

Whoops, fixed the above post.

It’s usually in the last 15-20 minutes of kickoff do they reveal the game.

I think lemiant’s question was if it is possible to watch the entire broadcast, not just the game announcement. Historically, the archive has been posted to Prior years can be found here. I cannot recall how prompt NASA is in getting the archive online, and I would suggest recording the broadcast as it goes live, to be safe.

On a related note, I strongly encourage everyone to watch the speeches, not just the game. Particularly a rookie team. The speeches are meaningful, and help give perspective on the crazy journey we’re all about to embark on. Even if they can be a bit lengthy at times.

And it’s prerecorded, so there may have been some edits.

Here in Calgary nobody gets NASATV so DVRing it would be impossible. On the other hand it appears as if it is extremely easy to rewind the NASATV online stream ( ). Is this accurate?

Just to be sure, record the online stream. Use VLC Player. It is free. A tutorial here

Our recording got corrupted. Anybody know where we could find it now?

Most, if not all (I haven’t seem the official stream), of the kickoff is on youtube . Here is a playlist: Note: “chap 8” doesn’t seem to exist and “chap 16” is just a repeat of “chap 15”