Watching from work: Tips & Tricks (and...GO 610!!!)

I’m sure I can’t be the only parent whose productivity took a noticeable dip these past few days, as we stream matches into our workplace desktops. What an amazing event so far!

Even though I miss all the backstories, discussions and pit adventures by not being able to physically attend, I have enjoyed the matches while trying to understand what I was watching in the context of the various strategies my son (Team 610) has explained to me over the past months. (NB: It’s actually kind of funny watching your own kid have to explain and dumb down complex robotics concepts to you, for a change!)

Anyway, I’m sure my colleagues have wondered what that important teleconference was that had me tied up for a few days, glued to my computer. My advice to other parents? Book some “webcast” training into your calendar, bring earbuds, stick a “Do not disturb: webcast training in progress” on your door, and delegate routine matters to colleagues and staff. (But don’t go so far as to claim the time spent towards any mandatory CPE*)

Then…watch your kids and their friends have the time of their life, as their robots shoot, climb and tip over. For you “will not pass this way again…”

And…GO 610!

(*CPE: Continuing Professional Education - the annual training required by many professionals to maintain their various professional accreditations)

I have been known to reserve a conference room and an extra projector on Friday, then invite a few people to a meeting at lunch time to watch dual streams.

Yesterday my boss was coming over when 4761 was in a match to watch.

I find honesty is the best policy. If you as parent or mentor just watch the videos from your team, your employer shouldn’t have any problem with you watching a 2 min 15 sec match every once in a while. I’ve even asked my boss to come back in a few so I could watch a match. People take longer breaks at the coffee station.