watching the kickoff through cable/satellite TV

Direct TV: 289
Dish Network: 212

the NASA TV satellite broadcast is provided through AMC-3, transponder 15C…it would not be illegal to try to tap into the signal, which i dont believe is encrypted

check your cable provider to see if they have NASA TV

tune in at around 10 AM EST…i feel sorry for the hawaiian folk haha

Sigh of course Comcast in my area don’t provide NASA TV.

You can watch it online at:
Here is the schedule for the NASA Channel:

Looks like there’s an extra slash on accident, the link is:

According to the NASA TV schedule, the broadcast starts at 10:30 am (EST).

The kickoff agenda indicates the 2011 Kickoff and game presentation runs from 10 am to noon.

I wonder if the NASA broadcast joins the kickoff “in progress”?? :confused:

There’s some important pre-broadcast preparation given to the live studio audience, and often a short speech or two from people who aren’t prepared to speak on national television. By the time the NASA broadcast begins, everyone is settled in place and things can start cleanly.