Watching The World Championship

Hey Michigan teams! Do you have any plans to watch the World Championship yet? My team (2851 Crevolution) is meeting up at Buffalo Wild Wings at Hall and Mound (in front of the AMC 30) and we’re inviting all we can to come meet up with us. We have a guarentee that we will have some TV’s with the NASA Channel on, and if we can get enough FIRST Fans there I’m sure we can get them to switch pretty much all the TV’s. Let’s spread the FIRST word the best way we can, hording public venues and showing people something they would never expect.

PM me if you have any questions or concerns!
Hope to see you there!

That is really cool. You’ll have to let everyone know how it turns out.

I know BWW will show webcasts on their screens - that’s how we watched Michigan in the NCAA hockey tournament first round.

This could be a great way for other teams in other Dense FRC areas to enjoy also.
What a great idea. I will be sure to forward this on to friends!

Has any team tried to do this as a fund raiser? I guess you would have to have the right location, four large screens, coffee-juice-doughnuts in the morning and pizza-pop at lunch break. Throw in some other activities and maybe a 50/50. Might work. I would much rather spend my time with other people that get it then disturb other patrons in a public place. Hope you get enough people to take over the screens and do let us know how it goes. Have fun.

Actually our team did a BWW fundraiser earlier in the year. I cant remember the exact times, but if you came in during dinner time 4-8??? our team got a % of the bill. Might be to late to organize this for one of the nights, but might be worth a shot.

It would be exciting to see this. Let me know the exact times you guys are planning this and if I have a chance might consider swinging on up just. Sweet idea, hopefully it will get the name of FIRST out more!

That sounds awesome! I wish Sterling Heights wasn’t so out of my way, otherwise I would definitely come up and hang out with you guys (err, being a vegetarian isn’t helpful at BWW :P). Best of luck, and take pictures!

BWW’s doors open at 11 (quals start at 9 on Saturday). I know at least we’ll have a few people there right at 11, more people are coming at 1 when elims start. I didn’t know they could put podcasts up, I’ll see if we can’t get all 4 fields on the tvs. That would be AWESOME!

If those planning to attend had some hand-out descriptive material for the non-FRC that might happen to be there, it would increase awareness even more. Just a few short sentences about what’s going on would help explain your enthusiasm. The concept of the four divisions under the same roof, more or less simultaneously is the first thing I’d mention. Summarize Breakaway rules in 4 or five lines and have a complete copy of the rules in case you get a chance to evangelize. :cool:

Any hand-outs left over from regional(s)? bring 'em. In short, pretend you’re in the dome.

I’ll be there! And I’m bringing people! Who else is coming?!

Thanks to all who showed up! You made it a party! A little overcrowded with Thunderchickens fans I think though :stuck_out_tongue: . If you have pictures feel free to upload them or send them to me so I can upload them if you would rather. I didn’t take any pictures myself.

Gratz to HOT for a robotics repeat and for beating the “unbeatable” alliance!


Thanks again!

Crevolution. Thanks for hosting such a cool event. The championship was a blast, and it was really cool thinking others were back home watching.