water game confirmed!!!!!!!!!


Low effort memes are low effort.

Agreed. If one must meme (and it’s hardly a requirement), using vector artwork and current meme technology (or at least more considered vintage meme technology) can yield much better results.


(please don’t murder me for this one, FIRST HQ)

It appears to be the old FRC logo too.

i heard low quality memes

Bean me up, Scotty; there are too many damp memes on this forum.

My meme quality is my own and does not represent the meme quality of my team.

Precisely. If there was a reason to use the old logo, you could argue it was part of the aesthetic. Indeed, an O.G. U.S. FIRST logo wouldn’t be out of place with a Space Jam reference since that was the year that FIRST dropped the “U.S.” from their name. (The domain name would take another 20 years or so, but that’s a different story.)

Agreed, memes are best served dank or at least fresh. Damp? Just…ew.

I am seeing nothing. ::safety::