Water in Houston

I was going through the guide Houston and it says no outside food or beverages. Are we not allowed to bring in cases of bottled water for our students?


At the competitions we go to, we have always brought bottles of water into the pit with our supply totes when loading in. :wink: Personally, I think it’s fine to not want to pay 10 dollars for a bottle of water. Also, id rather have our students hydrated and healthy during the stressful time of competition.


IIRC there was no problem bringing water bottles inside. I guess if you bring an empty bottle and fill it, there will be no problem.

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Volunteers have been encouraged to bring water bottles, so I’m gonna take a wild guess that water is fine


That is good to hear, we go through a lot water even in the lab at home.


We were made to dump all our water before our regional, but then walk inside and refill from the water fountains. That’s TSA-level idiocy.


Currently at GRB for the FiT District Championship. There are now water bottle filling stations next to many of the washrooms.


Nope, venue contract.

There are venue employee checkpoints at almost every entrance checking bags*. They also obviously don’t want to be there (neither would I for $7.25), and won’t check too deep in bags, or hassle you about overstuffed clothing pockets.

*They are notably not at the load in dock, nor are they checking crates. Make of that what you will.

Though, I will +1 the reusable bottle sentiment as there are a number of filling stations. I’m happy to see that bottled water is being ditched like the leaded gasoline and paint of our generation.


Please just bring empty water bottles and use the bottle filling stations.

It is a safe bet that all contracts at the venue have the same clause.

There were also venue employees throughout the space covered by the contract doing things such as cleaning the washrooms, emptying the trash bins etc. It would not surprise me if they detect a lot of people bringing in outside food and drink (they will see it in the trash), the venue management would be alerted. This could cause problems in future negotiations.

The first rule in event planning is “without a venue, you don’t have an event”.

Several years ago, there was an incident at one of our local District events that put the future use of that venue in jeopardy. Our local Tournament Director had to smooth over a lot of ruffled feathers at the venue. Fortunately, the individual who caused the incident helped rectify the situation by writing letters of appology to the management of the venue.

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I’d actually be interested in said issue if you have more to share. I’m assuming it’s something larger with reselling food to undercut the venue vendors?

I’m [x] to doubt on GRB picking through trash for outside snacks (considering they have inside vending machines) and using that against an organization composed almost entirely of high school students.

Not allowing outside food is a 100% no-go, totally unacceptable for me, and I will always encourage the moral high ground with individuals bringing snacks and food as needed. Plenty of people have dietary and related needs, and most of those are better left undiscussed.

And ofc water is a given, though the refilling stations make it more palpable. Yes, yes, I know the venue people will say something stupid about vodka, and I also know that banning water isn’t going to do a lick of good against a goon duct-taped under a shirt (Disneyland people are weird).


The incident was not food related but the venue was quite upset about what this individual associated with my team at the time did.

I don’t expect the staff would dig through the trash but there are limited options in the GRB. It would be pretty easy to notice if a lot of waste from outside vendors, especially since some small percentage of it will not be left in the trash containers so the staff will be handling it directly.

We’re telling our team to bring refillable water bottles. In 2019 they did not allow any water bottles brought in and wouldn’t let teams eat lunch inside by the 2nd day. We’re planning as if nothing is allowed, it’s easier than having to carry anything back to the hotel. :smirk:


Typing from the GRB… water bottles are for sale inside, so you won’t get questions walking around with them if you happen to bring some inside totes going to the pits. Just don’t flaunt it during transport :wink:

We eat outside. There’s a very nice park across the street: Discovery Green.

Pretty much all venues we might rent want to capture your snack and drink revenue, just as we want to NOT waste money on overpriced stuff… Annoying.

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