Waterjetting Polycarbonate

So there’s a part that I’m working on that is made of 1/8" polycarbonate and I was planning on making on the waterjet. I loaded up the dxf file into our CAM software, and found that there wasn’t a preset setting for polycarb. I’m kinda new to using this machine and I’m not sure which settings I should be using. Does anyone have any recommendation on how to do this?

If it can cut metal, it can cut polycarbonate. Beyond that, you’re going to have to tell us the CAM software and the machine model.

The model is the wardjet EXL-1515. The software we’re using is called WardJet

Gotcha. In general, the waterjet CAM software (WardJet) is where you set up the toolpaths, but there is a separate control program. In the case of WardJet, it is called Ikuhlu. This is where you specify machine-specific settings, such as a material preset.