Waterloo 2008,

Hey guyz,

Waterloo regional is falling under Easter weekend, but sadely team 1219 wont be able to attend couz of this reason, we have only 4 teachers and 3 of them celebrating easter and 4th is busy on that day. Who else who was gonna go, not noing now.

just curious to know

Bilal Shahid.
Team 1219

I’m sorry to say that 2008 will be the first year that Team 1503 won’t be attending the Waterloo Regional. After going to three regionals plus the Championship for the past two years, we’ve come to realize that it’s too taxing on our schedules to do four events in one season, so for 2008 we’re only doing Finger Lakes, Toronto and the Championship.

I’ll be there volunteering, though, since it’s at my school and it’s a long weekend.

we’ll be there yet again!! w00 1565

1075 Will be there for the first time ever! Yay for new sponsors ponying up the cash.

As will 1006. w00t

I’m basically in the same boat as Pat here, my team wanted to go down to Atlanta this year so sadly Waterloo got cut (my favorite regional…), but i’ll be down volunteering this year. Should be another fun event!

I’ll be down in Waterloo that weekend - but as Pat said, sadly Team 1503 cannot make it but i’ll attend for sure :slight_smile:

i wish i could go, but due to money restrictions 830 will not be attending this year :frowning:

team 854 is coming again… you better watch out! :yikes:

but just wondering… does anyone that is going to the waterloo regional have any extra bumper material that we could buy off of you? we had some trouble finding it this year. or else do you know of an alternate source we could find similar material? we need enough to cover three sides of our robot, about 8 feet of like 1 foot wide material or something equivalent.

Best of luck to all the teams that will be attending. 1535 for Chairmans. Lets hope so.


can’t wait until WATERLOO!!

/sorry to hear that some of you can’t make it :frowning:

it’s going to be awesome yet again this year!

can’t wait to see you, 854, i was cheering for ya last year, but this year we’re gonna have to beat you :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait till Waterloo!
Its going to be an exciting competition this year too!
Best of luck to all teams!

The Waterloo Regional will be webcasted on Friday and Saturday using Ustream.tv, http://ustream.tv/channel/2008-waterloo-regional

woohoo can’t wait, 1 more day of work

w00 one day of school left!!! :D:D:D

I went to the PAC today and saw the cardboard on the floor. How exciting!

Speaking of the PAC, I’ve noticed that I always see teams lost in cars trying to find it on thursday morning. I will try to help them here:

I’m assuming you’ve already found columbia or university streets and are heading west:

Along Columbia (I’m less familiar with Columbia)
-You’ll go through a long stretch of detached homes, then enter a more built-up region
-You’ll pass a gas station on your left just before some lights
-Then RIM on your left (notable by the RIM logos on brown buildings)
-Then the university campus starts, notable by a large smokestack on your left
-You want to turn left at the lights. If you see big playing fields on your right followed by a dry lakebed, you’ve gone too far. Turn left on westmount and follow it south to university, turn left on that, and come in through the main entrance of the university at Seagram, then follow the instructions below
-Once on ring road, make a right, then an almost-immediate left to get into the parking lot.

Along University
-You’ll pass Wilfred Laurier on your left, then a bunch of houses/apartments
-On your right, you’ll pass a large plaza containing a McGinnis sports bar, subway, harveys, and mongolian grill.
-Shortly after the plaza, you cross a set of railroad tracks and the road becomes divided
-Turn right at the lights to get onto the entrance to ring road
-Turn left onto ring road. There will be large parking lots on your left (but these are not the parking lots you’re looking for)
-Ring road will make a fairly sharp corner to the right, and now open land will be on your left
-Continue, and soon you’ll see this ugly bugger on your right
-Then on your right you’ll see the PAC (this is where the competition is)
-You’ll go uphill and make a gradual right, then on your right will be a parking lot. This is the one they’ve used in past years (I think).
-If you get to a T-intersection (base of the T going to your left) with a stop sign, you’ve gone too far. Do a U-turn or just continue around ring road again.

Once you get into the parking lot I’m thinking of (if it is indeed the parking lot for FIRSTers), the PAC is down a steep hill (there are stairs on the left). You’ll be entering the BLUE NORTH entrance (there should be a blue thingy above the doors, but I’m unsure if it is labelled BLUE NORTH. The competition is down the stairs.

Good Luck to all teams coming!! Be sure to stop by our pits and say HI and look at our, hopefully, award winning drive train!!

Good luck to all teams. May the best team win. And remember to have a good time no matter what happens.