Waterloo Regional Thanks and Congrats!

WOW! The Waterloo Regional! Congratulations to Team 68 for being #1!!! Second regional win this season!!! Congrats Team 1305, you are AWESOME!!! And finally, congrats Team 1241, what an amazing experience! Congrats to everyone who took part in the first ever Waterloo Regional!

Congrats to you guys (1006) on the Chairman’s award! Well deserved!!!

I talked about it in another thread, but I’ll thank Spartonics and Blizzard again for being such great alliance partners. We were so glad we got to pair up with such nice people as well!

Waterloo was run very smoothly for its first year. There were nearly no hiccups and if there were they kept us entertained!! The referees were extremely decisive and made things all the better.

The energy level in that building was incredible. Although I have gotta say that those stands are brutal for losing half the stuff you bring up… I went under them once to get the pom-pom I dropped and found three coats, a sweater, some gloves, and safety glasses (I brought them all to the lost and found). I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about that unfortunately…

The team social was a lot of fun, the free arcade was … just… genius. Having the SLC right beside the venue is perfect for this event. I congratulate the planning committee for running such an amazing event!!!

I hope next year when we go to this event that we have to use up the other set of bleachers :).

A big thank you to all the teams that came out and helped make our inaugural event such a great success. Our dedicated regional planning committee worked very hard to ensure that this regional was of the highest quality. From the feedback I’ve already received, it seems like we did our job. :slight_smile: For all those who attended the event and have feedback, positive or negative, please post in this thread.

A special thank you goes out to team 68. They decided to make the trip across the border to help get this regional off the ground. They were absolutely amazing in the pits. They offered their services to help any teams in need of technical assistance, they provided carts for teams who didn’t have them, and even put hand sanitizer in all the washrooms. This team exemplifies all the great things about FIRST, and really is a model for the rest of us.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event, and I look forward to seeing all of you again next year.

Team 40 would like to give a big thank you to our alliance partners 1048 and 1605. You guys did an awesome job both scoring and playing defense.

We would also like to congratulate 68, 1241 and 1305 for winning the regional. All three of you had excellent robots. I can’t tell you how suprised I was when I saw 1241 without an arm.

Finally, congratulations to 1006 for winning the chairmans. From what the announcer said, you certinally deserved to win.