Wave Robotics 2017 Robot: Mimic

Team 2826 is proud to present our robot for Steamworks Mimic.

13 ft/s H-drive
Passive gear acquisition with active release
Custom 2.8:1 geared 3 wide shooter
4 fuel wide floor intake
Dual lock wrapped climber drum able to climb in ~3 seconds
70 ball capacity fuel tank

We will be competing this weekend at Central Illinois and week 7 at the new Seven Rivers Regional.

Good luck to all teams and we hope to see everyone at Championships.

Are those 20T and 60T HTD pulleys on the shooter? Found some on Amazon recently that I thought of snatching up for future seasons. Otherwise, looks great!


H-Drive seems like an underutilized drive train this year. I’m surprised there aren’t more teams using it.

That’s a really wide shooter :eek: about how quickly can you spit fuel?

Neat! It’s interesting that you guys chose to use straight bevel gears for your shooter. Based on my experience and from what I’ve heard from other FRC teams, straight bevel gears may not be optimal for high rpm situations due to a possible loss in efficiency. From what I researched online spiral bevel gears might perform better.

you dropped this



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The bevel gears look like they are just part of the preliminary uptake to the shooter and not the shooter itself.

Our twin!:grinning:

Thanks for the update. That makes a lot more sense. It seemed like there was a belt that was connecting the bevel gear to the shooter.

3196 used it successfully to win the NC District event in Greensboro.

I’d do Mecanum over H-Drive.


Looks cool and all but does 2892 know you have their red bumper set?

I can definitely see where the inspiration from this robot comes from. If it performs anything like its predecessor, you should do well :slight_smile:

Do you guys use tiny tubing for the entire robot, or just certain features? Any reason to use it over the thicker tubing?



After watching this robot for a few matches at CIR… It can release a FLOOD of fuel… albeit a bit too energetically right now :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds about right. I still remember watchung their 2014 robot launch a trackball through the low goal… pretty sure it hit the wall 15 feet back before it hit the ground.

That’s what we decided on this year and its proving beneficial for lining up gears as well as climbing.

They’re a 16t and a 46t pulleys from SDPSI

I leave all decisions on what tubing to use to our systems team. We like to run our wire and pneumatic tubing through our 2x1 tubing so space is a premium in that manner.

Our original design we shot 4 fuel wide, to do this we had to have a shooter drum stabilizer roller on our practice bot that we did not have on our comp bot when we went down to 3 wide, and our shooter speeds did not match. We were trying to focus most of our tuning on getting a hopper auto going so we didn’t worry about tuning the teleop shot.

Lots of tuning, tweaking, and changes coming. Hope to come out of the gates at 7 Rivers swinging and not spend the entirety of practice day doing retrofits again.

What type of wheel are you using for your shooter? And how did you get a hex shaft in there. Did you use a hex broach?
Thank you

We use these from banebots along with the 1/2 hex hub sold by them.