WAY COOL 2228 Robotic Pen! TRADING 300/day at Championship!


Cougar Tech Team 2228 will be TRADING 300 of these pens with the ALSTOM logo (white color), each day, at the Championship in Atlanta!

These robotic pens will be a nice token of thanks to other teams for their GRACIOUS HELP at the pit, etc.!

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I know what I’m first going for in Atlanta now :smiley:

Ya i have a couple of those pens, Orange county sheriff office had them. I sit at work all day and play with mine. Cant you tell i am supervising inmates well? lol

That is a neat giveaway. Sure wish you had them at FLR: 300/day with 35 teams vs. 300/day with 300+ teams. The odds of geting one just aren’t quite as good.

What do I have to do to get my hands on one of these? Perhaps a generous offering of Krispy Kreme donuts? :wink:

Me too but we didnt have ALSTOM as a sponsor yet at the FLR.

Wow, those are pretty cool. I’m gonna have to track you guys down and trade for one of those =P.

DUDE. I’m so going on a hunt for one of those!

Glad to see all the intrest on these pens we were hoping these would be popular.

If you are in the division, that I will be inspecting for, just drop one off and you will pass inspection. JUST KIDDING :smiley: But I would really like one. I’m a big collector of every type of handout :slight_smile:

Cool, We will make sure to save some for the officals

Hey, you guys picked us at FLR, we’ll give you a bit of help with those odds. :smiley:

wow, very cool, I really haven’t seen anything like it before I will have to make sure I stop by your pits first thing Thursday morning dont forget to stop by team 65 pits for our traditional give a way (cool dog tags)

Can you customize those pens and print text on them?

Sorry to threadjack, but can anyone get a set of tags?:wink:

:smiley: Wait till you see these robotic pens automatically open after pressing the buttons…really wild! Yes, you can customize the pens…that’s how ALSTOM got their logo on them.

See you all in ATLANTA!!!

If any of you attended the Las Vegas Regional, the University of Nevada (Las Vegas Campus) was handing a bunch of these robotic pens out. They are hella awesome!

Make a note to self
(Stop by 2228 Pit first thing Thursday Morning) :smiley:


These pens are indeed very cool. I got one at the Las Vegas Regional this weekend and played with it for about 5 minutes. It’s so cool that I don’t think I’ll ever want to use it, just keep it for show…

Don’t forget your other FLR alliance partners!:smiley: