Ways to do feedback

So during the gap between build and the Davis regional, 1678 is finishing up our control board, One thing that we’re working on is a feedback system that lets our drivers know the status of the automatic scoring system(whether it’s found a target and whether the target is in range). We also have a mechanism that “primes” the manipulator to reduce our shooting time, and our drivers would like to have some feedback on whether the system is primed or not.

Anyway, my question is, how would you suggest doing this? Obviously LEDs could be used–but after using them last year, we found that there’s a lot competing for the driver’s visual attnetion. So the other things we were thinking of doing would be some sort of audio feedback(either a buzzer or speech synthesizer), or a HUD using a baseball cap with LEDs stuck through the brim.

Has anyone had experience with any of these methods and be willing to recommend one?