WCD CAD Tutorial Video Series

Hey everyone, I have been working on this CAD series for the past year to help my own students, but I decided to continue the series with the intention of helping other teams. The series of videos focuses on WCD gearboxes and drivetrains for teams that have access to a CNC router, waterjet, or students that are incredibly skilled at using a mill.

I hope to eventually expand this series to other FRC mechanisms in order to help rising teams and students interested in design. I think this series would also be great in helping rookies learn/cram in more CAD experience before they enter the season. Our team essentially used the same drivetrain and gearbox I made in these tutorials, so teams could in theory follow along with the CAD to make a WCD usable for competition.

This whole series is based solely off of how I have been designing for the last 3 years, so I would really appreciate it if you guys have any critique on my CAD process, FRC specifics, or the series as a whole.


Nice! I wish I would’ve known this last fall so I could’ve checked out your gearboxes in person when you guys were at GRG in October. We’ve got a local waterjet sponsor and have been thinking about designing custom gearboxes in the off-season.

Our team has made these required viewing for students new to CAD. They are very well organized and clear. And they use Inventor, which is the only CAD program we can use. Thank you for doing this.

Nicely done! I really like the depth you guys went into with the gearbox building part of this. Definitely just got added to my library of playlists. We made a WCD video series that covers the design points but uses SolidWorks instead. I am going to send you a message to see if you would like to collaborate in the future because I think your content has a lot to add to the community.


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