WCD Output Shaft Extension

After looking around our shop, we found a previously ordered but undocumented spare Single Speed WCD Style gearbox for two motors. This happened to be a miracle as we want use two cim motors on our flywheel. My question is: Is there any method to extend the length of the output shaft on a WCD Gearbox without using a lathe or is the only option to just chain and sprocket it together? We would prefer not to have to chain and sprocket because of the high speeds and the room for error.

A WCD gearbox is likely going to have far too high of a reduction for a shooter. Belts are a good option for high RPM applications.

I haven’t looked into it too much but I figured I could reverse the gears so it gears up the flywheel.

I would recommend finding the exact reduction you want to use, and then design the method of reduction. With CIMs it may be as simple as running a single belt from the motor shaft to the shooter shaft on each side.

I don’t know whether the gearing will work for you, but usually you can put hex or thunder hex bearings on the output shaft and run as long a piece of thunderhex as you want through there.

If flipping them doesn’t get the results we want I was planning on just ordering different gears to dictate gear ratios.

You could use gears or belts. And honestly chain isn’t that bad.

What gearbox is this exactly? And have you validated that it works for shooting?

Because I’m not convinced 2 cims geared through a drivetrain gearbox is going to be able to shoot. Then again I don’t know what gearbox it is.

We will have to figure out what gears to use but based on trajectory calculators it should get the job done.

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