WCP 2 CIM DS Flipped Shifting Problem

Hi all, we recently assembled one of our flipped gearboxes, and when we had finished we noticed that the cylinder did not retract enough to engage the low gear. Our pneumatic is in the non-WCD position and we disassembled the backflip shifter that came with the gearbox to use the square pancake (because nobody listened to the person who said the WCD configuration needed a different cylinder).
Our plan is to make longer spacers for the pneumatic mount, to allow the cylinder to fully expand and retract.
Has anybody else run into this problem? Has anybody got a better idea for repair?

Do you have a pic?

Are you also using the correct setup noted in the manual:

I wish I had a picture, but our configuration is literally no different than that of the picture on page 29 of the assembly instructions. The DOG itself barely comes in contact with the low gear before the coupler contacts the front of the pancake. The pancake also does not fully extend when engaged with the high gear. I will get pictures early tomorrow.

Yes please,

If you could email them to me that would be great, I can get back to you in the morning. The one I have on my desk isn’t seeing this issue so I’m curious to see whats going on.