WCP 2016 Product Release + MCC

We are excited to release some of the items we’ve been working on the past year or so.

  • WCP Spartan Sensor Board with gyro & without gyro
  • MXP Breakout for the roborio that has a dedicated power supply for sensors (Can do down to 3.3V) & Gyro option (Drift is between .25 & 2 degrees a match). This beta version of this board was tested in 2015 by FRC Teams 254/971/973/1323/1678. Full details are on the product page, more info soon to follow along with code.
  • Pneumatic Tires & Hubs
  • Who doesn’t love pneumatic wheels?
  • 3/8" Hex to 1/2" Hex Adapter
  • Adapter for turning products that are only available in 1/2" hex into 3/8" hex.
  • GT2 Belts 3mm pitch
  • Comptabible with our existing 3mm pulleys and great for shooting, intake and various other applications with low to moderate load.
  • Endmills: 1 flute for Aluminum
  • With the growing popularity of CNC routers for teams, we figured we’d help out with some affordable endmills.

We will be adding CAD files, specs, pictures sometime tonight and tomorrow. Inventory will also be updated by this weekend. Most if not all items will ship by the end of Week 1.

P.S. For 2016, we’ll be building a Minimum Competitive Robot that will showcase 2-3 subsystems. Full CAD/BOM and details will be published online Friday 1/15. Tune in for more details.

That gyro sensor is… AWESOME.
I just want to get confirmation, does the line: “Dedicated Power Supply - Can go down to 3.3V!” mean that we won’t suffer from sensor brown out at 6v? :] :]

The spartan board is really cool. Can you share how that design came to be and what software you did the PCB layout in?

The 5V line powering your DIO gets boosted to 5V. This is particularly helpful for not losing counts from relative sensors (optical encoders / hall effect / etc) in low power conditions. This will not, however, prevent your motor controllers from browning. It just makes sure you can always measure your system.

Any pictures of the pneumatic wheel hubs?

I’m also really glad to see 971’s mxp available I nearly considered designing my own after seeing theirs. What model of gyro are you using?

Thanks RC for another fantastic product release!

I can say with 100% confidence that Team 1678 will be rocking the new WCP Spartan Sensor Board in 2016. We loved using the 971 Beta Board last year and can’t wait for the newest revision of this fantastic unit. I highly recommend every team purchase one (we’ll be buying three!), well worth the money! Side note, thanks RC for working with 971 to bring their creation to the broader FRC market (and giving 971 credit in the process :slight_smile: )

Also, those 3mm belts look hot!

Can’t wait to rock more WCP in 2016!


Thanks for confirming. Teams should still be working to avoid brownouts in order to protect against brownouts in their drive systems, but this is a good safety net for operations like full court shooters. :slight_smile:

What chip is the Gryo? Is it an ADRXS450 (or 453)? If it is that will help alot as it will be compatible with the WPILib and I’m pretty sure LabVIEW has built in support for that chip as well.

Will these be sold through VEX as well?

Is the Spartan sensor board going to be an approved board for use on an FRC robot? Or will there be problems with the PWM pass thru connectors being part of an active board?

Does the inner tube come with the tire or hub?

In 14 hours you will know the answer :slight_smile:


I like all of these things. I wish you had the tires about a month ago, before I spent over $100 on similar tires from McMaster, but that’s okay, I’m sure we’ll need more at some point in the future. I’m very curious to see a picture of the other tread pattern, and the hubs.

Also, is there any possibility of inch size single-flute router bits?

What’s the bore size on those GT2 pulleys? I hope and expect 1/2’’ hex, but I can’t find that information on the website (yet).

I emailed Austin (FRC971) who did all the real leg work, we just helped with production and resale. He should be able to be able to post more info.

We are using the same model that Jared noted below!

They will not be sold via VEX, but for our Canadian customers we can ship via USPS if that is more affordable. I know it won’t be as fast as direct ship from VEX Canada but it should be cheaper than FedEX.

You will have to wait to find out tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry that’s my fault,the tube comes with the tire as shown in the picture. Editing description now.

We will have both tire pictures up tomorrow and hubs in a couple of days. CAD will follow tomorrow. For the endmills we went with Metric because:

  • The metric endmills are cheaper for our customers. I understand that most customers will need to buy a new collet, but it will really save them money over the Onsrud ones.
  • The 4mm will allow you to create tap holes for #10-32 and router at a good feedrate. In the past we’ve used 1/8" endmills to create this hole, but have broken way too may endmills. Moving to 4mm has been fantastic.

But David, if you’d still like the english standard please email me sizes and QTY.

Those are all pinions for the smaller legal motors in FRC. They are .125, 4mm and 5mm press fit for those motors. None of the pinions are 1/2", you can download and check the models as well. We do have larger pulleys in 3mm GT profile in production, but I’m unsure if we’ll get them in time for teams this season.

Side notes belt are now in stock, picture soon to follow.


The pneumatic wheels page has both variations of tires we are selling. Hubs are different for both products. CAD is up, the tread is dumbed down (Will be updated later).

GT2 Belts has pictures and in stock qty’s.

We’ve been designing custom boards since the 2012 season. When the new roboRIO was coming out, we knew we were going to design a board to at least add the gyro. As part of the beta test, 971 also learned about the sensor brownout issues (and had observed them before in previous years). We designed the board in about a month in 2014 during the beta test, and then had one of our local sponsors assemble it during the 2015 season. After a season of use across 5 teams (and an Einstein win with one!), we made some modifications to address issues found. RC offered to help sell it, so here we are.

We used the GEDA tools to design the board under Linux. An older revision of the board design files are publicly available on 971’s website.