WCP 2019/2020 Product + Site Launch


This year we released a new website and layout changes. We are slowly adding pdf’s for customer views, weights and any other missing information. Please email here for any issues.

New products below (12/6)

More New Products (12/13)

More More New Products (12/23)

GreyT 2020

More products (50+) will be rolling out throughout the week with most of them in stock to buy now or available in the next couple of weeks. Before someone asks about Falcon’s, they’ll be shipping soon!

All new products are availabe here to view!


image https://i.imgflip.com/3io0f4.jpg

I tell ya’ hwat.


Maybe I just cant find it, but do you have the current ratings for the wire clamp nuts?

Not currently. I’ll add it to the list and get something up in the next couple of days. Will verify with our supplier.

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Are the wire clamp nuts genuine WAGO lever nuts or clones? If they’re clones, have they been tested to be sure they can hold up as well as (or better than) the WAGO brand?

They are not actual wago brand. 1323 used these on our competition robot last year and the practice robot for mttd with no issues. I’ll get more data on them.


Hella sick! Stoked about the linear bearings, it’ll be so nice to have a cost-effective and reliable supplier for those, plus the options are perfect sizes! I’d love to get my hands on some falcon swerves over the summer - 99.9% of people using swerve in 2020 are probably shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t use the Falcon Swerve.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the products - new site is hella swaggy and will make in-season ordering a breeze. 2020 can’t come soon enough!

When 1323 pulls up with a Falcon Swerve bot at worlds



Any plans on stocking flange mounted variants of the linear bearings? Or linear motion shaft/tubing?

Nice. $300 is the best price point for a COTS swerve module that I’ve seen yet (although it’s close - Andymark’s is $325, but that includes motors).

AndyMark’s also includes all the gears, and encoder, and is assembled out of the box for $319 :stuck_out_tongue:


What benefit does running this over an SDS MK2 module with falcons have that I am not seeing?


On that note, I can’t figure out what the WCP swerve base kit actually includes…

Maybe it’s cheaper? Otherwise they look comparable technically.


It’ll include everything but motors/can encoder and the aluminum gears you select through the configuration site tool. Well have bom up sometime today. Slowly cranking through details.

We do the site configuration so teams don’t have to buy stuff they already have.

It’s missing a LOT of things that the S+S module comes included with, like all of the gears and motors.

Would AM consider selling all of the parts for a S+S Module without being assembled for a lower price? I imagine it’s fairly trivial for a lot of teams to put everything together and the labor cost savings could be pushed to the teams. Heck, AM might even make a better profit margin that way.

Edit: Heck, any of the companies selling fully assembled swerve modules. Kids like putting things together, and it very well may help your bottom line.



Being designed specifically for the falcons helps. Price is nice.

Wait, it doesn’t come with any gears, or just motor pinions?

The gears are added as you configure the product on the page (and the price adjusts with them)

The MK2 modules will work with falcons also. They are just standard CIM mounting bolt circle.

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No, you misunderstood.

My point was that the S+S base price is including all gears for the module. The base price of the WCP SS Swerve is not including the first and second stage gears.