WCP: 2021-2022 Web & Product Release

Hi Everyone,

We are doing a rollout of our new WebStore & New Products. This has been something we’ve been working on the better part of 2020. Blog post here discusses more about the new site.

General Note: If you have any issues, suggestions, etc… please email us at support@wcproducts.com.

The detailed list of all changes can be found on the main blog post, but I wanted to highlight two features.

Gift for Good - Donating to Causes

It’s a huge deal for me personally to donate and support causes that we think are important or just need support. We want to support more organizations and make a positive impact. Currently we donate quite a bit locally: High School girls and boys basketball, little league baseball, Kiwanis (Rotary Clubs in general), local fundraisers and various FRC teams. So to expand our reach we’ve integrated Gift for Good by Daily Karma.

How this will work, pending any change is that nonprofits can fill out our signup form (pending to release). Once selected, WCP will submit to Daily Karma for approval. When approved we’ll start the campaign on our site. At the end of the campaign the money will be donated along with an additional donation from WCP + fees paid by WCP. There are two ways to donate, either by rounding up your order or by straight donating (does not require purchasing products). More information will be released in the next couple of months but I’m very stoked about this.

Rewards Program

We wanted a way to give our customers cool stuff and over the years we’ve gotten quite a few requests for shirts, hats, stickers and SWAG in general. So we decided to build in a rewards program. Basically how this works is you can do activities or place orders as usual. Both items will give away points which can be converted to “reward dollars” which can be spent on products in the “redeem rewards” area of the site (top header)

Currently there are a couple reward items on the site and we are in the process of adding more items to the rewards program (20-30 new items, maybe more). TL;DR we want to thank our customers for supporting us all these years, it means a great deal to us.

New Products

We will be adding new products weekly or attempt to from now till the season kicks off. We recognize Covid-19 has been tough, but we want to continue to release new and exciting products. New products & improvements will be posted in this thread and then updated here on the original post. You can also view new products on the website under “View All” → New 2021.




























You forgot the best new product of all: WestCoast Products Gift Card

If anyone needs ideas on what to get me for my birthday, one of these will do nicely. :wink:

Gift cards aside, the new site is pretty mfd. Rewards are awesome, and stock status is gonna be super useful. I’m excited to see new products every week - it’s hard enough waiting for the next Disney+ show each week, now I have to wait for a new frc product each week as well :joy:


Looks slick. You guys use shopify? I manage another online store and we use MIVA. It is a PITA, though.

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Good stuff! Can’t wait for more products to come. I’ve emailed WCP with a list of website suggestions.

Edit; Meant to reply to the main post

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We’ve really appreciated the innovative products you’ve brought to the FRC community over the years. Keep it up R.C. and WCP!


Love 3D Printing? We have added multiple colors of the popular eSUN filament.

More information here



Yeah we use shopify, its not perfect and there are some serious limitations but we’ve been pretty happy with it overall. There have been certain things where we are like “really this doesn’t do this?” and other things that we’ve been like “woah, it can do this out of the box?”.


Digging the new layout and products. Would the swerve technically belong in the systems/structure section or is that meant to be just for Versachassis/Greyt system components?

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What’s the shipping looking like on the tube fixture? We ordered at beg of March as part of the beta. Thanks again.


May I suggest WCP version of the Andymark goat? Or maybe some WCP SS Swerve stickers? :wink:


Hi RC,
I was trying to apply my reward points code thing at checkout and it kept saying that the code wasn’t valid for what I was ordering. I was trying to get 24ft of CAN wire @ $6.99 (with shipping it comes to $13 total). Does the product itself need to be greater than $8 (my rewards credit)? Would be nice if it would take off some shipping cost too but that might not make sense.


I expect them to go out tomorrow. It took some extra time to verify all the jigs were made correctly and we were waiting on some mitee bite parts to come in. For everyone who ordered in the beta round, these should be going out starting tomorrow. I can’t thank all the beta test users enough, the website feedback was super valuable.


Reward points can only be redeemed for items listed on this page:

We are slowly building this area, in the next 3-6 months there will be about 20-30 items there. We will also time to time put new products there for redemption.

The reward FAQ is available in two spots:

  1. Bottom left -> click on “?” mark
  2. Click on the Present icon on the top between user login & lightening bolt -> FAQ

Looks like the links and part number for your Tube Fixture are off on the website. You list the part number as WCP-0052, but the PDF link is WCP-0347. 0052 looks like a chain tensioner. And the pdf link 404’s because your file extension should apparently be PDF but your link is pdf. That’s an odd one.


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Updated! Thanks for the find, not sure what happened.

New 6” aluminum traction wheel - same durable structure as the 4” wheel, now with the sizing and ground clearance of mid-sized FRC wheels!

15T 3/8" hex bevel gear - A shortened and hex (3/8") version of our 15T bevel gear. This little bevel will make swerve and custom mechanisms a breeze, especially when paired with our 45T bevel gear!

6" Omni has been upgraded to the v2 model by VEXpro as well.


That little bevel guy is real cute. Good stuff RC!



Oooh, I like this. The hub is so short, it may let the upper bearing get close enough to the gear that you don’t need a bearing underneath. :thinking:

Been there tried that (I’m still using a bearing under the bevel gear).


That’s fair OpEx, but in a cantilevered setup, getting the nearest bearing as close as possible to the load (and the other as far away as possible) makes a big difference.

In commercial bevel gearboxes, usually one shaft is cantilevered, with both bearings behind the gear. I feel like this miter gear makes something similar possible. Without the lower bearing in the fork, I reckon the whole module can be made with 2D (laser/waterjet) machining.