WCP 2022 CC powered by VEXpro

Is that gray rubber tread on the middle wheel, or did you just already drive the wheels off this chassis?

Okay, but how do you have so many pieces of official cargo already

Can it shoot from the fender?


The balls in the video look like the generic ones you can get on Amazon:

The official pieces don’t have white accents.

Too pro! CC gonna win events ez.

Looking good! What’s the range on the shooter? Can it hit close and far shots?


And were you getting bounce outs that are not in video?


After watching the balls not bounce out of the goal I posted my thoughts as to what causes balls to bounce or not bounce out of the goal. 7492 CavBots - 2022 Build Blog - FIRST / Robot Showcase - Chief Delphi

OK what’s this about ?
Deja Vu ?

One of those " Who did it better" kinda moments.

Idk man this one is still a real “slam dunk”


The star intakes look great. Does anyone know where to get these black ones? I can only seem to find red AndyMark entraption star versions.


Has anyone had any luck importing the CAD to OnShape? I tried to import the .step file this morning and got some errors. Some parts load in fine, others did not. I don’t have a lot of experience in importing files, so I’m not sure if there’s a step (no pun intended) that I’m missing. Thanks.

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As with all robot’s built for educational purposes early in the season (Ri3D, OpenAlliance, etc.) it would be phenomenally useful to see examples of failures like missed shots, missed climbs etc. Understanding the failure modes that team’s might need to address is incredibly helpful.


Thanks for the assist, Roger!

What is the gear reduction ratio on the gearbox that flips the intake in/out of the frame perimeter?

Big delete of the “M” from previous years.


Hi, thanks for releasing this amazing robot. Our team just has some questions about your intake. Which wheels are these are? Are there 3D printed?

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I believe the answer is about 7 replies back.

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