WCP belt calculator not working

So I have run into this problem a couple of times with the WCP belt calculator where it doesn’t give you sizes smaller than a certain point even if pulleys could fit there. For example 2910’s swerve drive fits a very small space yet the minimum distance the calculator allows is roughly 4" or something like that. Is there another calculator to use or a way around this?

SDP-SI has a very good belt calculator on their website.

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The “issue” with WestCoast’s calculator is that they only provide CC distances for belts that they sell.


We’ll be updating this to rev 2 in the next few months along with gear calc to make it cleaner and easier. We have some layout to make it such that it supports

  1. Any belt or belts we sell
  2. Add to cart components
  3. Multi pulleys with 2d representation.
  4. Belt and pulley datasheet.
  5. Overall more intuitive to use

Currently the problem you are hitting is we don’t sell a belt that small/distance can’t be satisfied.

So the belt I am running with is a 170 which you sell as well as the center to center is at least 10 but it can’t go any lower which is what we need. One thing that might be nice to add to the calculator would be a tolerance tab that would show belt sizes that are plus or minus x amount. The problem might be that I am using a pulley you don’t sell which is a 140.

Their calculator does not go up to a big enough pulley size.

Your best bet is to draw the belt path into your model. It’s pretty easy to do, there are tutorials under the resources tab on the site.

thank you

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