WCP Cam For Chain Tensioning

My team is trying to find an easy way to keep tension in our chains.
We use vex bearing blocks in our drivetrain and saw the wcp cam ( 217-3431) that is used in conjunction with the same bearing blocks we use, which seems like a pretty easy and effective chain tensioner.
Since we don’t really have the ability to test this product before the season I am looking for feedback on this product. Can it handle the loads of the drivetrain? Is there a better product out there?

This is exactly the product you should be using.


Agreed. My team has been using them for years with no issues.

@M3ri, the WCP cams are made from steel, so are more than strong enough.


They work exactly as advertised. My only comment is that we usually only have to tighten them up twice per season; once at the first installation and once sometime mid-season. They make gearbox servicing a lot easier since you can loosen your chains before pulling parts out.

My team used the WCP Cams along with the Versa Blocks- they are really good and definetly one of the easiest ways to put together the base as you can put the chain on loose and then quickly tighten it up. The normal order to tension chain for my team was:

  1. Remove Wheel
  2. Loosen VersaBlock
  3. Adjust cam
  4. Tighten VersaBlock in new position and Re-attach wheel.

And if you have the right wheels, (AM’s 6" SmoothGrip, Higrip, and likely several others) you don’t even need to remove the wheels. A longer allen wrench should be able be able to reach the screws on the clamping bearing block.

We used it on our 2017 bot if I recall correctly and it worked pretty good AFAIK (wasn’t on the team at the time). You can come by our shop and check it out if you want, and we can probably lend you a CAM or two since we don’t use them anymore

Used them this year, no complaints

Yes, we used these exact cams for our drivebase this year and they worked flawlessly. Just make sure you measure twice before you drill the hole where your cam will mount.

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We use these cams in our West Coast style drivetrains. They work great. Take a look at this video, where we demonstrate how they are installed and how to tension the chains properly.


I’d suggest drilling through and using a nut to secure the screw rather than tapping into your tubing. It results in a better hold on the cam that won’t come loose as easily over time.

The cams are actually fully threaded.

Thank you! I will take a look at it

The cams are, yes. But unless you have a clearance hole on the far side of the tubing (and even then it may be difficult to manage inserting a screw), you’re likely still inserting your screws from the cam side. We had previously done this and tapped into the walls of our tubing, but the 0.1" walls don’t have room for many threads and would come loose over time.

Oh. So you are drilling out the cams for a clearance hole.

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Did you have to buy a 3/8" wrench tool for tightening it?

A 10mm socket or an adjustable wrench would be fine instead. You’re not applying a great deal of torque to this cam-- you’re just incrementally shifting the bearing block until the chain is no longer loose.

We had one in shop, but if you only have metric tools you can use a 10mm wrench and it will work just fine

I’m not seeing what’s difficult about drilling a 9 hole through a tube, sliding a bolt through from one end, and threading said bolt into an already tapped cam on the other end. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Don’t forget though that you do need inch #10-32 bolts (the equivalent M5 will not work). Probably not something a non-US team has a large stock of.