WCP GreyT Cascade Rope Tensioner

Hi, our team is using a WCP GreyT Cascade Elevator for this season and overall it has been working fairly well but we are having some trouble with the rope tensioning. No matter how many times we tension it or try to use knots overtime it becomes loose and it affects the elevator. Does anyone have any solutions to this issue or did something differently with their elevator?

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We use a #35 chain turnbuckle and tie the ends of the rope to it: Roller Chain – WestCoast Products


This is what we have right now and is what ships with the Greyt kit. The problem is that when tying the knot (bowline), the loop gets too large and the rope is slack anyway. Tightening the turnbuckle all the way is insufficient. We can re-tie the knot, but the size is inconsistent enough it either doesn’t reach the turnbuckle or doesn’t tension enough. Is there a better knot that lets us minimize the slack before we tighten it and start to tension the turnbuckle?

I’ll see what we’ve got tomorrow, kids did all the knots, I can barely tie my shoes. Our cable is decently tensioned throughout the entirety of travel, so I’ll get a pic of whatever we’ve got.


Here is what our turnbuckles & knots look like: