WCP MCC Robot 2016 powered by VEXpro!

Hi Teams,

We are thrilled to announce our 2016 MCC Robot powered by VEXpro!](https://youtu.be/MGLcls4U84I)

Related information is available here: http://www.wcproducts.net/mcc2016


  • The reversing of the balls over the obstacles is illegal, it is shown in the video for good fun!
  • The hanger was done to show what can be done with COTS parts, we encourage teams to improve upon it and make it more visibly legal

Special thanks to Gary Chahal, Andrew Nabors, Elias Avila and Andrew Lawrence for helping out with this project.


Looks oddly familiar…

Very nice design. Definitely a worthy contender. I especially like how the rotation manages to stay within the frame perimeter extension rules during the scale.

Unfortunately the CAD links are broken, otherwise I’d love to dig into it more.

Build season done

Try again! I did goof.

This looks really similar to our robot…guess we’re doing something right. Might steal a few tricks though. :wink:

Great concept. Was it just me or did I see something that seemed to resemble a Poofs bot in the background?

Looks more like a 1323 robot to me. :rolleyes:

We tested 6" wheels in a mock setup but found that the 2" clearance scrapes the rough terrain in some cases. For a WCP gearbox setup, this means that the transmission plates/gears themselves may take a beating in the long term. Remember, the WCP gearboxes stick down below the frame quite a bit.

For this reason we added 1x1x1/16" ‘skid rails’ for the entire rear half of the robot, where our WCP DS gearboxes live (non-direct drive due to 8" wheels). This testing has performed really well no matter how we throw it at the rough terrain.

How does this MCC cope with the rough terrain clearance in the long-term? It’s a question for the general forum to come up with an answer rather than a criticism of the design - I suspect chains, belts and gearboxes alike will need a solution.

This is awesome.

Regarding the quotes at the end of the video/on the site, I have one dispute. Only Jared (254) mentioned the end game. I feel it is absolutely essential for a MCC robot to be able to participate in a tower capture. Alliance captains are not going to select 3rd robots who can’t help them get those 20 points in eliminations. Keep in mind, MCC robots need to be able to distinguish themselves from others. You really don’t want the way you’re different than other potential picks to be that they can challenge, and you cannot. While it’s not a “difficult” design challenge to fit on the batter, it requires some thought ahead of time in your frame dimensions.

Obviously, the actual design is capable, but I wish that was highlighted more.

From the website:

Kits will be available for purchase.

What does this mean? How close to a game specific solution are these kits?

Really, I think it’s far more important to be able to do this than it is to be able to hang, which isn’t really something I think an MCC robot must be able to do. Some competitive robots won’t be able to hang.

That aside, this is an excellent robot and a great resource for teams who are stuck at the moment. Great job WCP!

Nah, there isn’t any questionable use of an elevator anywhere on here.

Does it stay in? That sure looks way over 15" to me off the back/top of the robot.

Sorry need to put more info, most if not all of the robot is COTS components sold through VEXpro or WCP. There are a few pieces we had to custom make and have had customers ask us if we’d have those parts available. We are hoping to make specific parts available that teams can’t easily produce.

Whew. Glad to hear that this didn’t mean WCP would be selling a bot-in-a-box.


Yeah we don’t want to sell pre boxed g2g solutions. We’ve been getting a ton of customer calls and emails about how to integrate the PTO and how to do various other tasks in this game. We thought it would help teams if we were able to put something together.

Absolutely. This is a great example and resource for the community, but there certainly exists a “Minimum-er Competitive Concept”.

The true minimal set of capabilities is something like:

  • Be able to cross at least one group of terrain reliably
  • Be able to contribute something to the boulder aspect of the game (whether moving balls, scoring them, or playing defense on opponents attempting to score)
  • Be able to help the alliance achieve the CAPTURE bonus

This boils down to a well-executed drivetrain and some sort of ball manipulator, which as this video shows is totally doable using COTS parts. Every team in FRC should be able to accomplish these tasks (though I’m sure some will not).

Hanging and going under the low bar are certainly nice features to have and may make you more attractive to alliances, but that’s just gravy.