WCP MCC+ Robot 2019 powered by VEXpro!

We are thrilled to announce our **2019 MCC Robot powered by VEXpro! **

Related information is available here: http://www.wcproducts.net/mcc2019

This year we did a little extra, with the evolution of cots we believe the MCC should evolve to match whats available in FRC.

*Only does 3rd level on disc in auto
*Scoring both objects is for fun

Special thanks to Gary Chahal, Harvey Rico, Elias Avila & VEXpro!

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You’re probably gonna need a few more pluses…


Why not just call it a product showcase?


Minimum may be a bit of a stretch this year.


Maximally Competitive Concept!


The website link description is still talking about cubes and switches and exchanges

Also more like maximum competitive concept lol

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Hella sick! I love this bot, will definitely evaluate it against what we’ve got so far and modify ours to be closer to this scope. Also my favorite MCC video since 2016!



MCC is not the right term for this robot imo. It’s too good.


WCP either performed a comically bad analysis of this game or is actively trying to deceive teams into thinking an elevator is part of a minimal robot this season.


While I’m sure many members of the community are glad you’ve published this robot and your documentation for it, myself included, I’m not sure if it’s “minimally competitive” given that based on our own strategic analysis this robot would win quite a few district events as the alliance captain.


Fantastic robot as always. It’s great that you provide documentation about the robot so that teams can make decisions about what’s feasible for them.


Looks amazing, its a shame its not something id really show to teams looking for a MCC. Maybe if they had money it would be realisitic…


That is a tough MCC for most teams to build outright but probably the best MCC yet in terms of capability and design. I think it is an awesome bot and I hope that it can raise the floor for a lot of teams competitively.

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No deceit, teams can build whatever they feel is great for them and an elevator isn’t needed.

We get a ton of emails asking us how we’d build stuff etc… I’ll agree its not a pure MCC so we went with the MCC+ moniker. Worst case this gives everyone a slight laugh during the build season :slight_smile:


No laughter, only confusion on what people think the “minimum” for teams are and what they expect them to be able to reasonably build.


I mean actual worst case scenario would be for low resource teams (who made design tradeoffs to stay within their capabilities) to see this “MCC+” and believe that they aren’t doing enough… and then try to do more, only to derail their whole season.

I personally appreciate this video as it’s full of awesome ideas that I’ll take back to the teams I work with. I just worry that some teams out there will see it and overreact.


I have to disagree. The worst case is some “clueless rookie” as you put it sees this “Minimum Competitive Concept” and decides that in order to be competitive they need to score in the rocket.

I think if WCP wants to make something like this every year, a better route might be publishing an MCC is, and then making some notes about routes that teams could use to expand past the MCC if they accomplish it.

Alternatively, label it “West Coast Products Showcase” or even “Ri5d”, so you’re not giving off the impression that teams need to build this to be competitive.

For any teams reading this, you don’t need to build an elevator to be successful. Build something like this.

The linked robot from 2655’s video would almost certainly get picked at almost every regional or district event if you drove it effectively. And they’re releasing the CAD file for that manipulator on their website.


Subtract the 2nd stage of the elevator and this is what I would have told all lower resource teams and rookies to build. People really over estimate the difficulty of fabricating a good elevator. TSIMFD.


If the goal is not to deceive, then a less deceptive approach to branding should be taken. “MCC” and “MCC+” are poorly defined terms in the FRC community, but to me, MCC+ implies a slightly more competitive than baseline robot. Based on this and past WCP MCCs, I’d like to propose “Excellent but Strategically-Misguided Medium-Resource-Cost Robot”. A bit less catchy, but actually honest.

No, this is not the worst case. The worst case is that some impressionable rookie or low-resource team sees this, builds an elevator because they think they need one to be competitive, then ruins their season by overreaching and failing to deliver a working robot. I’ve been on a team that has poorly read the game and was burned by overreaching (by building an elevator, btw), and it was by far the most miserable season I have had in my almost eight years of FRC. WCP is not only failing to help this problem but is actively instigating it in the name of flaunting their products.


Any idea of when every part required to build this robot will actually be in stock?