WCP SS Flipped 2 Stage Gearbox with NEOs possible?

Does anybody know if it is possible to use this gearbox: https://www.wcproducts.com/gearboxes/single-speed/wcpssflippedsinglereduction with NEOs?

The manual shows it but the NEO is attached in a way in the render where the bolt holes in the NEO don’t line up with the gearbox. When the NEO is lined up, only two bolts actually will fit.

Also, I am not exactly sure how the motor pinions are supposed to stay on the gearbox:

Is there anything to retain the pinion on there, or does it just stay?

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Short answer: yes.

All CIM-style motors are interchangeable. This includes CIM, Mini-CIM, NEO, and Falcon. Neo only need two screws.

The pinion gears will come with two retaining rings and a key to hold them on and transfer torque. The retaining rings go on either side of the gear. The key goes in the slot on the shaft.


You need to use the two bolts holes that are highlighted in blue. If you are buying CIM pinions from WCP or VEXpro they come with hardware to retain the gear.

You can also email support @ wcproducts.com for questions etc…


Plz gib 12 mounting holes so I can clock any motor in any position and have stupid small clearances for wires.


# 8 mm Push On Retaining Ring from Andymark for the pinion.




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