WCP Taking forever to ship orders

Anybody else finding WCP is taking forever to ship orders this year? Is this something new or have they always been so slow? They have taken over a week to SHIP our orders so far this build season, they NEVER answer their phones, and email is usually a 2-3 day response turn around.

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This is pretty much peak part ordering time so they are probably getting swamped. We placed an order at 11 pm last week, had a tracking number at 11:20 pm, and received it about 3 days later from coast to coast

Just curious, what did you order?


I think that the people at WCP have been doing everything they can to fulfill our orders on time. There is just a huge rush during build season and although in an ideal world all vendors could have Mcmaster’s 2 day shipping this is just not possible for everyone to do. This post seems awfully ignorant as it doesn’t think about the pressure put on vendors due to build season. We have been happy customers at WCP and will continue to buy from them.


Please just be mindful that not all vendors are large companies (and even the larger vendors are not “large” companies). Everyone is most likely trying their best to reach customers who email.

Vendors can range from 1 to 5 to 100 employees, many of whom work other jobs in addition to running their small businesses.


They took about 2 days to pack and ship an order for me. And that was over this holiday weekend. Handling times might depend on what is ordered though.

Edit: my order was for a lot of versaplanetary parts.

WCP has been known to be slow on shipping since my freshmen year. They once delayed one of our shipments for weeks without telling us. :frowning:

They’ve gotten better though, at least for the gearboxes and such. If you’re ordering 2 inch wheels, Falcon 500, or other in demand stuff - be ready for a long wait.


Are you sure the parts you’re ordering are in stock? WCP offers the ability to order backordered items, but they won’t ship right away. They’re marked with an orange triangle on the product page and with bold red text in the cart.

I’m sure R.C. and crew are slammed right now but they’ve always been timely with shipping products they have in stock from my experience, most of time time it ships the same day. But backordered parts have always been slow and are hard to estimate stocking on. Solid roller wheels, 2" mecanums, Falconss, etc were available for backorder since kickoff but only starting to ship this week.


We had an order for multiple items. One of the items was backordered, so the entire order was held up. In the meantime, one of the other items went out of stock while they were waiting to ship our entire order for the single back order. Been doing this for quite a few years, only started ordering from WCP the past two years though. VEX always ships our orders out in a day or two. I’m sensitive to the rush they are getting, but if this is a common practice for them I’m looking to know for future reference so I can plan to get my parts elsewhere.

Nothing you can do what something is backordered - hopefully that was shown on the website when you placed the order, so you would know what you were getting into. After the backordered item came back in stock, was there additional delay due to the other item? I can’t speak for how they operate, but a company should have a system that will show items as out of stock once everything on the shelves has been sold, even if it hasn’t shipped yet. In that case, even though it was out of stock, it would be sitting on the shelf still waiting to fulfill your order.

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Sorry for the delay. Like all other frc vendors we experience high call volumes, emails and just plain out busy. The guys have been working 7 days a week right now including myself.

Do you have an order # and did you order backordered items? Did you email support? You can also dm me these details if you’d like.

For the record it’s not high demand items that take long times to ship. It’s items that are backordered , as soon as we get the items back into stock we make an effort to go through all orders and ship those items. Shipping items in stock and on the shelf is different than in stock and backordered items. We also don’t charge customers for the multiple times we ship an order.

We’ve gone through great lengths to make it where the stock status of a part shows up on individual pages, group pages, cart, checkout and the email confirmation.

As always, our goal is to be the fastest and highest quality frc vendor. Sometimes we don’t nail that but we are always improving our process to be better.


There’s more vendors than ever this year but also more pressure on them than I can recall in previous years. Maybe it’s the quality of the products out there coupled with the increasing number of teams using COTS parts. Either way, WCP made some adjustments prior to kickoff and I think they’re doing great, but there’s no way they could’ve anticipated the big demand for so many products.

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In addition to not being able to anticipate demand for new products, January 25th is also the Chinese New Year. There are many folks on holiday and I’m pretty positive all vendors who source from China had to anticipate a slow down for around this time.

Point being - being a vendor is hard. You’re putting your money on the line on a bet that a product will sell and be in demand, all without knowing the game challenge.

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What’s not to love as a vendor?

There’s so many variables that just can’t be controlled that I think the best thing any vendor can do is be open and forthright. R.C. is awesome with updates. So is Ryan.

That said, there is one new vendor who shipped my $186 order to the wrong address and seems to be playing hide and seek. I haven’t put them on blast yet.



All of our wcp shipments come in 1 day, meaning they ship out minutes after we order or early the next morning. We also always get sent partial shipments for back ordered items which is rare from vendors.


email [email protected] so that it gets ticketed into their CRM platform and RC and his team will get you sorted quick. My issue resolutions went from week+ emailing Sales to day+ emailing Support when I figured that out this season :slight_smile:

Same for us. We’re lucky to live in California :slight_smile:

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Going to mention that I’ve (on the East Coast) had great experiences with WCP shipping in the past couple of years. Specifically this year, I didn’t realize I chose a slower shipping option and they upgraded the shipping to USPS Priority so I would have it by our weekend meeting without me even asking. They care and will get you what you need.

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Every WCP order I’ve made in recent memory has been packed and shipped in under a day. Great service from a great company as far as I’m concerned.


I can think of maybe one delivery issue in the past 5 years with WCP - things happen. They’re still our favorite supplier by far, and I’ve never once had doubt that they do their best to achieve everything in the best interests of the teams.


We are in our 2nd year and WCP has, in our experience, shipped promptly (by the next day unless out of stock) and provided thoughtful customer service when we have contacted them. We know exceptions occur but our interactions have been positive; we appreciate the support we have received from WCP (and the other FRC vendors for that matter). We are based in North Carolina and ground shipments have always arrived within 4 or 5 business days.