We are a Rookie Programming Team and we are trying to Program the POV's Logitech extreme 3d pro, and cant figure it out

We have been trying to figure out how to program the POV button on the top of our Logitech controller, and we are looking for any advice on how to do this. we need it to move a motor up and down. we are using labview.

You should be able to access that input using the Joystick’s Get Values VI:

The small window in the right is the Context Help and you can use it over functions to know their I/O, as well as read about what they do.

while i am not too experienced with that specific controller, if you plug it into a computer and hit windows + r and type “joy.cpl” then double click on the joystick it should open up a button map of the controller

My team has the same controller but we have never used the pov before. I looked into it and if you are using java their is the .getPOV() that can be done on the joystick in the code leftJoystick.getPOV(); is an example look here for the getPOV method, the Joystick class derives from it.