We are in need of batteries

Hey everyone, we are joining the competition at San Francisco, but since we are coming from Turkey, we can’t bring batteries with us or ship it. So I was wondering that can someone joining San Francisco event lend us 2 of their spare batteries?

I know that other regionals have generally given international teams 2 batteries on practice day. I would contact the RD for your event and see if that is the case for San Fran.

The RD is a good first point of contact, since they’ll be able to sort out any uniform policies for the international teams. We’ll definitely have extras too, you can mention in email to the RD that we’ve offered to help out. PM me contact info if you’d like to keep in touch directly.

Hi, I’m from team 4159 in San Francisco, 20 minute bus ride away from the regional. We can definitely bring spare batteries.

Team 1700 will be at the San Francisco regional. Stop by our pit if you end up needing the spare batteries.

Thank you, we will contact. :]

We will stop by your pit even if we don’t need batteries :] Thanks