We are so sorry!!!

My name is Ashleigh and I’m from team 128…That post about “hot guys” was not to be taken seriously. It was not ment to make people mad or sad. We just wnated to get people posting and it owrked there! BUt for the wrong reaction! Sorry for all we have offended and this would be added to the end of the thread but it was closed and for a good reason! Sorry again for everyone and hope you have a great season! Great game full of lots of challenges!!! GOOD LUCK! BYE!!

It was closed, not due to content, but due to breaking of standard forum rules.

yea guys we really are sorry…we didn’t mean to cause any problems and we definitly did not mean to offend anyone either…if you know our team, you know that we are all about meeting everyone and just talking to people and having a good time! so please don’t take that the wrong way…we enjoy reading posts and stuff…it makes competition more fun to go up already maybe know that person…ya know what I mean? anyways we truely are sorry! but we still would love to have people post to talk to! thanks!:slight_smile:

He closed it because it fell under the “continuing a 2-3 person conversation on for numerious posts in a short period of time” part of the rules.

This happens fairly often in chit-chat; my only guess is that people must not read the rules. :mad:

ladies, i knoiw you mean well, its ok, it happens…


Stuff happens. Just read the rules, and live on. I still have love for all you peeps!

i’m sorry, were hot