We don't have any communication

For some reason, we don’t have any communication on are robot, does anyone have any ideas of why?

Are you talking about at the competition itself? I believe you have to configure the radio to use it at a competition.

According to tba you guys already competed and didn’t advance so I’m gonna assume you’re wanting to connect at home, if this is your first time trying to connect you have to reconfigure your radio as it is still configured for field use

Another option would be to tether directly into either the radio or the roboRIO. To tether into the radio, you should simply need to plug an Ethernet cable into any one of the ports on the radio, disable the WiFi on your laptop (and enable Ethernet), and wait for the robot to connect to the driver station. If that doesn’t work, and you have a USB-A to USB cable, you can plug directly into the roboRIO’s USB-A port, and the robot should connect to the driver station automatically.

As JR0405 said, you will need to reconfigure your radio from the competition mode, so the above fixes should help you connect in the meantime.

Hope this helps.

(Sorry for kinda off topic)
I just noticed your guy’s team number. Hello from 6223 :slight_smile: