We fixed our roller, Let us know what you think!


A quick resdeign of the FP transmissions overnight and now running with dual FPs on the roller, we’re sure to not have the issue we saw at the UTC Invitational. We can now suck up 3+ balls at a time at over 12fps (FYI- thats the top of our second gear). Look for us at UTC NE and the Championship event.

Wow, incredible

See ya in the finals!

All I can say is I hope those automatic counters work wonders because that’s one heck of a bot! Really good “suction” I might say. What belting did you use and where did you get them from?

The “belting” is a material called PolyCord. That would be a McMasterCarr Special. We cut the cord and welded it to 8% less length than the actual length desired. Then, we carefull stretched it over the rollers. That seam we melted together is supposed to be just as strong as the original material.

Its actually small parts :slight_smile:

Another thing that we fixed was the pressure point. At the UTC scrimmage, if anyone saw, we were constantly riding up and over balls. This happened because our pressure point was high up and very closer to the center of the ball. If we rocked the tiniest bit while driving, the balls would find their way under the bot. By adding a lower pressure point(diamond plate) we no longer have that problem. The next problem was, we couldn’t go up the ramp with this low point. To fix it, we added a hinge so it moves out of the way. Finally, if you look when we are depositing balls, you can see that the diamond plate is pushed out, away from the base. The reason being, a pneumatic pushes the plate so the balls have an extra push into the goal as well as help us get up or down the ramp with that side forward.

After watching this video, where do you think the shielding would need to be to abide with the rule. The only thing that confuses me is, the device works exactly the same as a gatherer and is allowed to touch robots but when it is running in the opposite direction it would be “unsafe” even though it no longer touches robots. (still running the same speed)

amazing… simply amazing… 10 fold better than at the scrim…

this will be one of the top bots at UTC no doubt… if not the best in low goals…

Hmm… where’d ya get those fancy FP’s?? :rolleyes:


Thanks 237 for donating your Fisher Price motors to us two years running. I know how much you love us. :slight_smile: