We recently rewired our robot and when i went to turn the robot on and everything started moving so im not sure what is going on…not sure if it has to do with the cRIO but i’ve checked the wiring and cant find anything obvious i did wrong…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Everything started moving?

Is your joystick trimmed?

Please provide more information about your specific problem so we can help.

Are you programmed for jaguars and using victors?

Pictures are worth 1,000 words. I don’t know where to start helping you.

plug out the joysticks and turn on again that can give us the first clue for what the problem is…

The thing is i dont have the driver station plugged in and it still moves

Autonomous taking over?
DUDE! Check that you don’t have the wires in the jaguars/victors inverted…

I think that might have been our problem…thanks

we switched them around and it still doesn’t work…do you think we could have fried the jags?

If there is no driver station plugged in and you are still seeing this behavior it is likely that something is wired incorrectly. With no DS the cRIO should have the outputs disabled. To verify this the small green LED to the right of the RSL connector should be on a fast blink (200ms on / 200ms off).

If this is the case you either have a hardware failure or a wiring issue.

The PWM cable should be connected to the Jaguar with the Black wire on the “inside” (the side where the other ports are located). The other end of the cable should be connected to a PWM header on the Digital Sidecar with the black wire on the “outside” (the side away from the adjacent 2 pin headers).

The Jaguar should have V+ connected to a red terminal on the Power Distribution board with an appropriate breaker installed and V- connected to the adjacent black terminal. M+ and M- should be wired to one terminal of the motor each.

I know because my team did the same thing…
Just open them and fix them.
It should have an open circuit or something like that. I didn’t fix them myself so I’m not completely sure.

If you didn’t before, you have now…

Jaguars are not protected on the input voltage terminals from reverse wiring. Wiring the input in reverse polarity will almost certainly destroy the device.


Jaguars are not easy to fry.
I thought the same thing here and people said I was doomed and we fixed them :smiley:
Just open it and give it to somebody that knows about open circuits.

A representative from Luminary Micro said **do not reverse **the wiring. They are not protected by anything other the circuit breakers.

I’m sorry but that is not allowed as per the GDC: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?p=26610



We got it fixed…had to go the town 100 miles away to pick up some new jags