We have three double solenoids, do we need three regulators?

We have three double solenoids, do we need three regulators? As in one directly upstream from each solenoid? The manual says “This regulator has a maximum output pressure
of 60 psi and must be placed before any working components”, does that mean EACH working component?

You only need one regulator between your high pressure storage side and working pressure side.


You only need more than one regulator if you want different working pressures for the different solenoids. If you’re using 60psi for all of them, then you only need one.

Ok, that makes sense. 60psi works for all three. I just saw this FRC Pneumatic System Diagram and it had me scratching my head.

Yeah, that “lower pressure” side is pretty uncommon. I can think of very few cases where you’d actually want that.

Our Intake extends with a couple pneumatic cylinders, bigger than they need to be, because that’s what we had on-hand. Our climbing mechanism also has cylinders, sized properly. We’ll probably run 60 psi to those & 30-40 psi to our Intake.

This will save air & compressor cycles.

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Yeah, they’re basically stepping down the pressure to the double solenoid in that diagram. It is a bit confusing. If I was designing that system, I’d have both regulators taking their input directly off the high pressure line from the tank, not have them daisy-chained together the way the diagram does. That way you’re isolating each system, which has always seemed more reliable to me.

That’s not a legal configuration, though. You only get one primary (60 psi) regulator. Think the diagram could be clearer–maybe add a tank or two or another solenoid on the low pressure side.

I see where you’re coming from, though.

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Hmm. I must admit we’ve never tried to do that. We’ve always used 60psi for everything, so there was no reason to have more than one regulator. We tend to use pneumatics for rather brute-force applications, so the higher the pressure the better. :grin:

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