We keep getting the following error CTRE CAN Receive Timeout

We are getting this error:
“ERROR  1  CTRE CAN Receive Timeout  frc.robot.Main.main(Main.java:23)  ”
every time we to connect the drive station to the RoboRio. none of the programed controls are working either. images below:

(frc drive station):

(the line of code that supposedly caused the error )(it would not let me put more that one picture):

public final class Main {

private Main() {}


  • Main initialization function. Do not perform any initialization here.

  • If you change your main robot class, change the parameter type.


public static void main(String… args) {

RobotBase.startRobot(Robot::new);   <---this line right here



Most likely, there is an issue with either the CAN bus or the CAN IDs you have assigned vs. the ones you are trying to use. It would be very good to use Phoenix Tuner to inspect what’s on your CAN bus and what IDs have been assigned.

Also, there should be a stack backtrace – posting this will be helpful.

An update on this: I found out that I had a few tester motors initialized that I did not have wired. Once I wrote those out of the code the CAN errors were fixed but the robot still wont run any motors. However it still can print out messages from controller presses (for instance you will see in the log it prints out “yess tank”).

What do you see the lights on the motor controllers doing when you try to move the motors?

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