We love these bumper latches

They aren’t competition tested yet, but we really love McMaster Carr 1872A71 latches for our bumpers.

Anybody else have latches they like? Post a video showing you beating our bumper changeout time!

WOW! That is really cool. Could you post a close up shot of the latches you used?

We used them on our Rumble bot. They worked great, but we’re doing a 20lb reversible bumper this year, so no slide latches for us.


Same. I think I get how it works from seeing it on other robots (mount the stud on the frame, mount the slider in the correct orientation on the bumper, slide it back and forth), but it’s never felt like something I’ve wanted to invest the time on when we know about thumbscrews.

we have used these in the past. They work really well, except when they have to take a load. Then they get all wonky. 2016 was the last year we used those. It became slower than thumbscrews.

This year we hope to only have to put on bumpers once an event.


Allen had linked these in a different thread, but the same latches from a different source are a lot less expensive.

We are also using these latches this year and love them so far.


$6.12/pc At McMaster Carr
$2.89/pc At Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies


very nice!

I am not sure who I took these from, but I saw the recommendation from someone on ChiefDelphi and we have had great success with them over the past two years. They are a little expensive but hold great and are real easy to use.

McMaster: Compact Hold-Down Toggle Clamps with Locking Handle Part #4961A11

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let me try

We are also using these this year and have yet to really test them. A relatively inexperienced sophomore was put in charge of bumpers this year and really struggled with mounting the latches in the right place relative to the bushings on the robot. I think the combination of first time doing bumpers and never working with these latches before made it worse.

So a word of advice to teams hoping to adopt these: Make sure the brackets and bushings line up well. There are a few ways to accomplish this:

What we did: Mounted 1 full set of bumpers with latches and brackets to the frame, drill through the hole in the latch, then mount the bushing. This works pretty well… but only for that one set of bumpers. The next set now needs to be aligned to the already mounted bushings.

What we should’ve done: Mount the bushings to the frame, mount angles/brackets to the bumpers in the general location of the bushing (with clearance on either side), mark out the bushing location, drill through brackets. After the holes are in place, mount the brackets, centered on the already drilled holes.

Ideally you will have the location of these bushings and brackets pre-laid out and accurately placed, but in the case that isn’t possible know that there are options.

If anyone has a better way to mount and ensure alignment between both sets of bumpers, that would be great for the future!

stack up the plywood and drill all the holes at once, in a drill press.

If only my students had that much foresight…

Will be recommending this for next year.

I’m confused, in the video it looks like they are screwing things on/off. These latches don’t require that action.

BTW, we started using these latches this year and LOVE them so far.

The bumpers in the beginning are thumbscrews and latches are the purple set of bumpers.

Not a latch, but my team used these last year and the year before. You just bolt on the bumpers using some form of hex driver and go. The clips make it so you don’t have to worry about finding a way to hold down a nut on the other side.