To our dear friends and students who are the members of team 65 Pontiac Northern / General Motors Huskie Brigade. You have been the most wonderful thing that has happened to both of us. We came to a path in life where we must travel a road which leads us to another frontier but remember we are with you in heart, song spirit and “huskie” love.

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support! The letters and calls are overwhelming. It let us know that we touched and helped you. It also let us know that we as your mentors helped you in your career path. We are just so grateful. We are here to help you with any needs you have. Please feel free to email us or drop by. We will always be there for you!!!

We will be watching you on simulcasts. Do not be surprised if you turn around and see us smiling at you at the competitions :slight_smile: Just remember as long as you live that if you truly believe you can accomplish your goals, you will! You may not get there when you want to but all you have to do is persevere!

Thank you for three of the most wonderful years of our lives. We love the students of Pontiac Northen High School and the mentors of the Huskie Brigade Team.

Randolph & Brenda Carter
former Huskies :slight_smile: