We made a (semi) playable board game based on the game this year.

Its a turn-based board game that involves a lot of dice and even more rules. We originally made it to test strategy and it scaled out from there, but it is still useful. Here are some pictures and the rules/other things we included with the game. Btw, we are bringing it to our competition, so if you see team 4682, you can come check out the game itself.
NOTE: This is not even close to being finished, so if you have ideas or constructive criticism, please feel free to say so.


Hey, team 4103 had a similar idea created! One of our mentors 3D printed pieces to scale and we used lego to create the “bots” and to signal the placement of alliance Switch/Scales. We also used small dice as the Power Cubes and had a laminated grid as our “field”. The same mentor created profiles of robots and said that some things (like climb) would take 4 actions (10 seconds) or placing a block on scale would take 2 actions (5 seconds) compared to throwing with a 50/50 chance taking 1 action (2.5 seconds). This may or may not be accurate, but it was helpful!