We may not be in Atlanta...

I’m sitting in the student center at Ball State University, watching the practice matches, and realized that there are probably a bunch of other people in my same position…wishing that we could be in Atlanta right now!

So, I decided to start a thread for all of us, who–while not at the Championship–are still super psyched about it! A place where we can talk about how much we wish we were there, why we aren’t, and to just show our own spirit about FIRST.

I couldn’t go because I have finals in two weeks and a whole bunch of work that I’d be missing if I went. And then there’s that whole money issue. I’m a college kid, which usually means I don’t have extra cash lying around. So even if I could go, I’d have no way of financing my travels.

Good luck to all teams! I’m going to be watching, cheering, dancing, and wearing my team shirt…even if I can’t be with you there in person! :smiley:

I really really really wish I was there, too! I almost decided to go, but I having two exams yesturday and one today (that I probably should be studing for) so it was just too much. So, now I’m in my room on probably the warmest day of the year so far, wearing my team t-shirt and cheering on 1732.

I’m sitting in the student center at Ball State University, watching the practice matches, and realized that there are probably a bunch of other people in my same position…wishing that we could be in Atlanta right now!

I personally am just one of many other people who wish they could make it to Atlanta this year but unfortunately stayed at home :frowning:

I was very close to winning the Rookie All Star award with one of my teams but we came up with Rookie Inspiration in the end…

We wanted to hear the MC’S call our team name, but this would not happen…

Either way, there’s always next year…

We wish all the best to the FRC teams and especially to the teams from Israel!
And happy and kosher passover holiday to you all!

I’m going to be busy… I mentor a team that sent the FTC and FLL to Atlanta, the team I graduated from is in Galileo, and my dad is on Newton…

I couldn’t go due to a) being a little far away and b) I just had a week off school due to travel for a college engineering competition (SAE Aero Design East is in Kennesaw and Marietta, Georgia starting tomorrow–I competed in West in Fort Worth).

So I’ll be watching the webcast…

Nice FIRST! Just resume running those FedEx adverts whenever my team takes the field. :rolleyes:

Wish I was there but couldn’t afford to attend.

Next year in the built city of Atlanta guys… (i think inly the jewish here will get that one :D)

I get it, and I’m not Jewish. (I attended a Messianic Passover seder a couple years ago.)

I wish I was going… The first time the school gives us a four day weekend right on championships and we come so close to qualifying… but not quiet. Oh well, Friday off means more time watching the webcast.

Its spring break for me, so I’m watching as many webcasts as possible. I’m not there since I’m going to spend the last Passover before college with family. Good luck to all the teams there. I’m rooting for all you Rochester folk!

Same here, I’m also on spring break and will try to watch some webcasts in my spare time. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Rochester teams got paired together for even one match? That would be something that I would make time to watch.:smiley:

Our team really wanted to go, but we just didn’t have the money, maybe next year!

So now all I get to do is ignore my teacher’s lecture and watch the Webcast!

Or maybe I should listen, I mean health class is important…nah! :wink:

Don’t qualify, Don’t go. Don’t worry, we’ll be there next year.

As for myself, I was set to go; even got American Airlines to donate a ticket for me… But my English professor’s policy on missing class prohibits me from going.

Definitely looking forward to the webcast and I have about 10 different people texting me twice or more an hour; so at least I’m kept up to date :wink:

Is it you? :smiley:

I wisi i was going but a plane ticket to Atlanta plus rooming from Hawaii is just too expensive. im with my team in spirit tho and they know im watching. still wish i was there for our second consecutive trip to nationals.

Oh yeah, I definitely know what you mean. My current team didn’t qualify, but my old team is there. I got a text at 2:00, 5:00, and 7:00 AM yesterday–and that was just about the bus ride TO Atlanta! And I’ve been getting texts and phone calls all day today about what’s going on down there. I definitely like being kept in the know! :smiley:

Although, it is admittedly hard to be here knowing everyone is down there. But hey! You gotta make light of the situation, ya know? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I’m so happy I found this thread! 1675 didn’t qualify for the Championship this year, so I’m in Milwaukee and IN SCHOOL during Atlanta:ahh: . Today I skipped my lunch to watch practice matches, and tomorrow we were able to plan a out of school demo for tomorrow meaning we may get to watch some competition. Saturday there’s going to be a “Robo Party” where we set up the computer and projector to watch the matches. The only problem is I have to wait till 10 before I’m able to get updates on what happened today! :frowning:

Hugs to everyone out there! and good luck to all teams!! :slight_smile: yup I’m wearing a tube skirt to school tomorrow… that’s going to be interesting!


Indeed… I was also awoken at 5 this morning asking who to ask for more bearings for the AM Gen3 shifters… this was after going to bed at 3…

For me this is the start of paving season… and seeing how I’m the head QA of a fifty million dollar highway project I can’t just take off… but I know a few QC’s that wish I would. Basically I’m the guy that makes sure the roadway meets state standards :cool: Not bad for a high school drop-out :eek:

Anyhow after going to my first regional just a couple weeks ago I so want to be down in Big A its almost killing me. Well at least I can sit in my office and have the webcast on the computer… and lord help anyone that messes up the asphalt tomorrow.:mad:

Well, to make it look like pro sports they gotta have commercials. :wink: Our second match today, the screen turned blue (not my computer, it was the webcast).

So here’s hoping the practice for the webcast went well, they got all the webcast bugs worked out, and tomorrow they give us lots of good video!

Oh, and the announcers had to save their voices, so I’m looking forward to the play-by-play tomorrow. And the audience shots.