We need a little help

The we lost our sponsor in November and in danger of not going to Nationals. Teams if you hae any sugestions or can help us in anyway, please let us know.

um, instead of having a sponser pay for your team to go t the nats, how about you have those who want to go pay. that’s what my team is doing, cause we didn’t raise enough money.

How about fund raisers? Like the dreaded bake sale and the even more dreaded car wash? Another good fund raiser idea is if there is a Zany Brainy near you, most Zany Brainys will let local groups come in (I’ve seen my local Zany Brainy do this for a church choir and for a American Cancer Society Relay for Life team) and if you are there for an evening, and do some giftwrapping for them, they will donate a percentage (maybe 10%) of their sales for that evening. This also good for outreach! I’m sure there are more original fund raising things on the net that you could find (like getting a popular teacher to wear an ugly tie and people pay $1.00 to cut off a piece of that tie).

Good luck!


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The money is there, you just need to ask the right person in the right way. I’m an engineer and I do not work that challenge of our team. But, contact team #288 the Grandville Highschool RoboDawgs and someone will give you the right information on raising money. they have an exceptional program for making presentations to potential sponsers and recognizing the entities that sponser the RobDawgs.

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