We need a slogan....

1501 is looking for a slogan, but we can’t decide on one. Or come up with one, really. So we’re gonna throw out what we have and you can vote or come up with your own. We plan on shouting this from the stands and using it on our tshirts and such. We’re looking for any input, so go ahead and throw around ideas.
Number:** 1501
Team Name: THRUST
Theme: Air force

What we have:
Second to none 1501
Duck and run from 1501
Shoot for the sun 1501
Funner than a cinnamon bun, 1501
We cant think of a pun, 1501
Too much fun, 1501
Funner than fun, 1501
Getting it done, 1501
Its not any fun, 1501
Did and done, 1501

does it have to rhyme?

personally, i like “funner than a cinnamon bun, 1501”. lol :D. “shoot for the sun, 1501” and “duck and run, 1501” are also good slogans. maybe try something that relates to your theme, air force, but i’m sure you worked hard on the ones you already have, and rhyming isn’t always easy. :stuck_out_tongue: good luck to you and your team!

No one came up with Git 'R Dun; 1501?

Edit: I guess “getting it done” was the closest.

If it doesn’t have to rhyme…

T.H.R.U.S.T- Pushing the Limits

From your list, I like “shoot for the sun 1501” and “getting it done 1501”. Perhaps a variant of that, “we get it done on 1501”? They’re catchy, and they set the picture of what you do. (:

If its a must, count on THRUST.

Just a thought, use the team name rather then the number. I for one always think of the team by it’s name rather then it’s number.

At first i was going to suggest
got the runs 1501 but then realized my mistake, it rhymed though

but on the serious side

2 mins of fun 1501
120 pounds of fun 1501
the run and gun of 1501

Top Gun 1501

lmao nice one

I must say that is a good one

1501 is number one,
we are here for fun,
and when were done,
we’ll fly into the sun,
lets go airforce,
lets stay on course,
were here to win of course!
gooooooo 1501!

how about…

robots are fun 1501

if it has to rhyme, why not go ahead and set it to iambic pentameter?

Playing with Guns isn’t so fun but robots are so join 1501

Promote Gun Safety and Your team!

1501: Air Force is better than the Navy Aviators