We Need Bumper Help

Fellow FRC Teams,

Due to several mishaps this season, we did not receive the funding we expected to. We were scarcely able to put together our robot with the funds we have and now have to build bumpers. Unfortunately, we can’t afford the supplies necessary. We are looking for ideas for budget bumpers, and would appreciate any help we can get. We are a community team on Staten Island consisting on of 7 students and no school to back us. Once again, any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
Team 6601 Easy Company

I see you’re competing at Hudson Valley - we’ll be there!

We have extra wood and noodles to build bumpers. If you want you can send us the dimensions and we’ll put it together for you. Unfortunately we don’t have extra fabric. Is there a local small fabric store you can get any red/blue fabric from?

A local Michael’s always has $1 bottles of white paint enough to paint two sets of bumpers. We probably have some in the lab but I can’t check until Monday. PM me if you’re interested and we can look to see how to help you!

When providing dimensions, you will need to be very accurate. You should also make clear if you are measuring the metal frame or if you are including any “minor protrusions”. It might be best to provide both measurements. We had to use a large drill bit to put pockets for bolt heads to get the bumpers to fit.

I have used these brackets on each side of the chassis to serve as very quick, easy to install and robust bumper mounts for several years now. Install two per on each side in locations where there is access from the back. Next, drill a 1/4" hole in each bracket and extending through the wood bumpers before the noodles and fabric were installed. Make sure to do both bumper sets. Lastly, install T-nuts in the bumper wood. If you already have access to a decent supply of 1/4-20 bolts and other fasteners, you can have a decent bumper mounting system for about $10. If you want to splurge, you can use wing-screws to make bumper swapping a bit faster and easier. Make sure you get a few extras since they have a habit of getting lost.

Best of luck at your events!

Photos can really help and they’re essentially free.

At the fabric store, think sturdy fabric, ideally like backpack material.
Also think of how much you’ll need: Usually a 3’ x 4’ piece (red, and also blue) is enough but your situation may need more.

Try to find the $20 or so for the fabric, and don’t hesitate to beg them for a donation. Bring robot photos.

If you still have your robot from last year, see if you can modify the bumpers to fit your current robot. Bumpers are exempt from the usual fabrication schedule, and you only need to cover 6" from each corner. It looks like you had good full size bumpers last year. You should be able to build a set or two of corner bumpers out of them, and then your only problem would be mounting them on your first day.

If it’s solely an issue of funding I’d be more than willing to donate enough for you guys to throw some together via paypal, check, etc. If ya’ll need some help putting them together Staten Island isn’t terribly far from where I live and I’d be more than willing to make the drive to help out. I have wood and fabric, unfortunately I don’t have extra pool noodles and am unsure of where I would be able to get them this time of year.

Not having bumpers would be a terrible reason for 6 weeks of hard work to go to waste

If you DM me a mailing address, I’d be happy to send you some iron on numbers. Let me know if you have a preferred font.